A Note from the Director of Porcelain

In the late 1960's Mart Crowley's groundbreaking The Boys in the Band premiered off Broadway with its humorous but gritty and raw portrayal of homosexuality. Nearly twenty five years later Chay Yew's Porcelain opened in London. Both plays are savage comedic dramas with sympathetic but brutally

honest portrayals of common gay themes including coming out issues, passing for straight, self-loathing, unrequited love for a straight friend and the "I'm not gay, I was drunk last night" syndrome. Both are designed to shine a light on the lives of the marginalized. What sets Porcelain apart is the broader view of what isolates us from one another. Sexual orientation, yes. But also ethnicity, gender, class and politics. At end of the day no matter how great the differences of who we are or where we come from

or what we believe in, we all share the primal need to find love and acceptance. We all want to belong. Recognizing that commonality and the need for tolerance is just as vital today as it was fifty years ago. With humanity and dark humor Porcelain takes the audience on a visceral emotional roller coaster journey that whiplashes between harsh brutality that at times is difficult to watch, overwhelming tenderness and heart breaking poignancy. Thank you for joining us on this ride.


Bonnie Hewett


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