A Note from the Executive Artistic Director

Updated: Jul 11, 2018

Good evening, and welcome to a new season of The Caduceus Theater Arts Company. ​​As we are surrounded by tragedy in current events, this year we focus our attention​ first​ on the darkness of drama as we witness a crime of passion in Chay Yew's, ​'Porcelain.'​ His play written in 1992

brings to life the story of John Lee, a gay Asian on trial for killing his lover, William Hope, in a London bathroom​. Very true to current day violence, we continue to ask the question, "why would this happen?" The story created by Chay Yew helps us to gain a better understanding of "why" as we see the different aspects of the story recreated by the voices and conversations with John Lee​.  Looking for answers, the audience must decide in the end. Rather than focusing on homosexuality, however, 'Porcelain' looks at relationships and about being different.  It's raw tragedy that will force the audience to laugh ​at one moment and then​ feel uncomfortable the next ​only to​ realize they are experiencing real life.   

I must thank the people that have surrounded me with amazing talent to bring 'Porcelain' to the theater in Houston including Bonnie Hewett,​ our outstanding​ Director, as well as our wonderful cast and crew.  We hope you enjoy the show. This production is for mature audiences, as it contains sexuality, violence, and language that may be offensive to some patrons.  ​Anyone admitted under 17 must be accompanied by an adult.


Michael J. Heard, M.D.


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